Products    PG22/ZL2238 Low noise high torque DC planetary gear motor

PG22/ZL2238 Low noise high torque DC planetary gear motor


Product name PS42/ZL4266 42mm Carbon Brushed Micro DC Planetary gear motors
Rated voltage 3V ~ 24V DC
Rated speed 1 ~ 1500rpm
Rated torque 0.1N.m ~ 2N.m
Bearing at output shaft Ball  bearing or sleeve bearing
Gear housing material Metal; power metal
Gear material Steel, powdered metal, plastic, brass
Rotation direction CW / CCW reversible
No-load Noise (dB) Within 45dB
Available IP rating IP54, IP55, IP65
Accessories Encoder, brake, cable connector
Typical applications Household appliances, AUDIO-visual products, office equipment, massage health care, beauty fitness equipment, medical equipment, high-end toys, gifts,
electric daily necessities, electric tools, automatic sprayers, auto automatic facilities, intelligent systems, automatic control and other industrial driving devices
OEM & ODM products Available customized technical specs., shaft & flange materials and dimensions, etc.